The Woman behind The Highway Author

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 Why “The Highway Author”?

Because I’m on the highway, A LOT.

You can call me what you like “The Highway Author”, “E.A. Sauer”, “Emily Anne” “Emily”, or “Em”. Those are all perfectly awesome.

I’m a travel freak. I love long layovers at airports, I love gas station coffee, I love experiencing new places; no matter how extravagant, quaint, or odd. I spend A LOT of time on the road traveling from one city to another for fun and work. Being by myself on the highway for hours gives me time to think, it gives me time to dream. Even as a child, we would drive to sports tournaments all over the country and my mind would wander. I would spend hours writing stories in my head about a jerk face driver or deer I saw on the side of the highway. It wouldn’t be until I was in my twenties that I’d realize I wasn’t just day-dreaming. (More on that later!) 

In high school, after I got my license, driving was my only real “freedom”. I’m thankful for that fact that my parents actually parented me, but those curfews we’re ROUGH. In college, I’d take long drives to clear my head or just to get out of my dorm room. After I graduated with my B.S., I took a few cross country trips and it felt so good to be out on the road, listening to music, just thinking.

Eventually, I started a job that had me traveling two weeks out of the month. Every month I’d travel to two different cities for a week each, that same year, I also traveled with Logan for baseball. I was basically in a new city every week. Driving his truck all over the eastern United States, then flying to California or Michigan or D.C. It was amazing. Currently, I have a new job & visit Logan when I can. I spend my days traveling all over Western Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi selling some pretty delicious craft beer.

Quick Recap of Childhood

Being an army brat I moved around frequently in my childhood and I didn’t stop moving after high school. I spent my first semester of college traveling all over Europe in my study abroad program in London, England. After two semesters at the Florida State University, I went 100% online and started working full time for Marriott. 

After I graduated with my B.S., I traveled around visiting friends and family for a few months while working on my masters online. I’d eventually move to Troy, Alabama, meet the love of my life, start working in marketing with a pretty great company, and go on to receive my M.S. from Troy University. I currently work for a brewery as a market representative.

There is a lot more to my crazy life… but more than anything I am excited about publishing my stories and focusing on being better than I was yesterday. If you want to learn more about my life check out my insta:  @emilyasauer

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