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Hello! My name is Emily Anne Sauer or E.A. Sauer. I travel a lot. For work, for pleasure, and to visit my boyfriend who also has a job where he travels frequently. My goal is to write once a week about what I can my Life on the Highway and to publish a new story at the end of every month! The purpose of these posts is motivating myself to down and actually write as I plan on completing my novel in the next year! (More to come on that!)

Taking the Leap

Fear, intimidation, and pride tend to stand in my way. I’ve worked in marketing and sales the majority of my career, but when it came time to find the words to describe “who I am”, “my purpose”, “my goals” and everything else that comes with identifying my purpose (while maintaining authenticity) is FREAKING difficult. I see folks on social media platforms claiming “just be you”, “do what makes you happy”, “don’t worry about what other people think”, and every other (valid, but frustrating) cliche.

I find myself constantly frustrated. Comparing myself to the fleeting moments of people I don’t know. I decided to take a step back. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through the social feeds of acquaintances, I searched for inspiration. Don’t worry, my inspiration to finally take control didn’t come from “searching for inspiration” on socials. It came from being fed up. I was working my tail off trying to prove to people I work for, people I didn’t work for, influencers in my community, or frankly, anyone who’d listen, that I was worth a shot. That I could greatly impact their marketing strategy, I could make them money, and I could drive purpose to their brand.

Everyone I talk with loves my ideas, they admire my tenacity, they appreciate my hard work. But nothing ever came to fruition. Constantly hearing things like “In a few months, we’ll call you! We need to do this but we’re just not ready for something of this caliber.” or “Next year, when we’re able to budget for this position, there could be an opportunity.” 

Leaving me, hopeless.

Finding Purpose

They weren’t being unreasonable, quite the contrary, they made a lot of sense. Business first, can’t pay me unless there is money. Eventually, I realize how grateful I am these opportunities fell through. All that hard work developing proposals, researching data, creating implementation plans., setting up meetings, presenting too many groups of people; and in my heart of hearts, it’s not what I want.

I was putting in all that hard work because I wanted to prove to myself I was worthy of something bigger.

It was a shortcut.

I was trying to take shortcuts to success and nothing I did worked because it wasn’t meant to.

I update this post semi-frequently.

As my goals change, as my vision for the future grows, and honestly whenever I feel like it doesn’t represent who I am anymore.


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