Inspiration of “Perspectives” By E.A. Sauer

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Feeling Inspired…

The inspiration for my short story Perspectives, came to me when I was in Arizona visiting Logan. With less than 80 people in attendance, I sat by myself (per usual) watching Logan’s game. The beauty of baseball is in the details. The complexity, the repetition, the precision, and as painful as it is, the luck, every competitor must possess. If you truly know how to appreciate the game, it’s a beautiful experience. I do not. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Logan and our friends play ball. It’s top five, one of my favorite things in this world. However, I’ve only been watching baseball for four years and if I’m 100% honest 11/10 times there was some type of alcohol in my cup. Y’all, 9+ innings in those chairs, every day, is no easy feat.

There I was in the fall of 2017, sitting at a baseball game, in the dry Arizona heat.  Grabbing a beer I headed up to the shaded bleacher section, away from the small crowd. It was a beautiful day as I sat watching the other spectators; families, friends, partners. An arm around a loved one, the happy squeal of a small child, the crack of the bat on the ball, the bellowing “heads up” from the crowd. It was beautiful.

I felt moved, grabbing my iPad I began to write writing about the love I was feeling, the happiness of the people surrounding me, the intoxication of that strange dry air. I wrote the entire story in that 9 innings.

Uhh, there was a murder in that story…

If you’ve read the story, this makes no sense at all. I know you’re thinking “Perspectives took place in an airport in Dallas, Texas, with a sassafrass of a girl, a heartbroken bartender, and a looney tune.  There’s no love, or happiness, or the sweet scent of freedom associated with 0% humidity that you’re indicating you were “inspired you”…” 

So what happened?

I started editing during my trip back to Florida, in the Dallas Ft. Worth airport. I was sad I wouldn’t see Logan for a couple of weeks and it clearly affected my writing. The story was no longer the love story between a man and woman who both travel frequently for their careers. Who have to overcome the frustration and difficulties associated with envy and inequality. That despite all of their hardship they are still happier than if they weren’t pursuing their dreams. The original concept was three strangers in an airport, a businessman, a bartender, and a girl traveling for vacation meet in a bar and believe the other two people have full and happy lives. But when reading from each of their perspectives of a specific moment in the bar, the reader realizes, they all have struggles and successes. 

What’s the lesson here? Don’t do your second draft edits on the original draft.

Sadly, that original story I wrote is long gone, but I did whittle out this slightly crazy one!


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