3 Things You’re Doing Right Now That Will Bring You Happiness


Taking the Leap

Pride was the pitfall to my happiness. Anxious about what people think, worried about being judged, acting like I had it all figured out. I was, and very much am, prideful. The difference now is I wake up every day with the goal of combating the poison I spread within myself. Rooted in pride my fear has held me back my entire life. Instead of “dancing like no one is watching”, I’ve danced assuming every single human alive was paying attention to me. They’re not. They never will. Even the most important, famous, influential people in the world are surrounded by people who don’t care. I’ve tried to express this realization to people and they tell me “it’s part of growing up”. This past week, I’ve discovered that’s not the case at all.

Taking the leap to start “The Highway Author” hasn’t been scary for one minute. The moment I dreamt the concept to fruition, everything felt right. Everything seemed to align with the universe. I felt it in my bones, in every fiber of my being. I wasn’t forcing myself into places I wasn’t supposed to be anymore. Here’s the tricky part though, I could’ve never had the courage to start if a couple things didn’t happen.

You’re not entitled to happiness


    I work my tail off, learning everything I can, in every single job I’ve ever been lucky enough to get. Babysitting, lifeguarding, receptionist at medical clinic, recreation attendant, event coordinator, marketing director, grand opening activation team member, sales and market representative, and creating two different job proposals (10,000 plus words each + research + hours of my free time + zero pay).

    There is no person in this world who is educated enough, who has enough experience, who is prepared enough for every challenge that will be thrown at them. Or who will be prepared enough to take advantage of every opportunity that may not be obvious… you HAVE to work hard ALL the time. Whatever you’re doing, do it to the absolute best of your ability, or find something else to do. You’re wasting your time on Earth if you’re fiddling around doing anything less than 100%.


    Nothing has ever been enough for me & I’m not patient. It’s a bit of a problem area in my life. If the anxiety wasn’t enough of an issue, the fact that I become (argh) bored (argh) within six months of starting anything, unless I’m constantly “growing”. Even though this personality quirk of mine has caused tension with folks, and myself, in the past- I would NOT be where I am today without those experiences. Don’t be afraid of who you are.

    If someone says your “too much” of anything, tell them to back off. Keep in mind this isn’t an excuse to do whatever you want. If someone says you’re acting like an a**hole. You likely are. That is TOTALLY okay… if that’s who you want to be! Be a jerk. I don’t care! If you’re reading this thinking “wait… no… no that’s not right”, I’d like you to take a second and think about this: If the behavior of another adult bothers you, that is your problem and yours alone. At the end of the day, if we all focus on our own happiness and supporting our loved ones, it’ll all work out. 


    I’m privileged to watch the love of my life living out his dreams. The funny part about “living out your dreams”, you’re still putting in a  f*ck on of work in, every single day. You’re still failing, frequently. You still have to get up every single day and fight for what you want. This is the fourth year of Logan being in the minor leagues. This is the first year where life hasn’t seemed absolutely intolerable, for me at least. It doesn’t matter who you are. When you got drafted, what school you went to, who you know; Baseball is hard & baseball politics will make you want to do bad things.

    Despite all of that I’ve been PRIVILEGED enough to love a man who believes in himself. Who doesn’t let anyone tell him any different. Who gets mad when he strikes out and still comes out of the locker room happy (most the time). Point being, he’s proven to me, right in front of my face for three years, that you can fail. You fail a million times. You can have setbacks that seem impossible. The world can crumble in on you. But… if you never stop believing in yourself: YOU CAN GET SHIT DONE.


Embrace the Wave

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. I know that sounds like a cop-out. It’s not. I promise. No matter where you are on the wave, you’re on it. What is “the wave”, you ask? The ebb and flow of life, the rollercoaster “we’re all trying to escape”, the ups & downs we all experience.

Look. I know we all read these posts about how other people found their bliss or how they discovered happiness. Thousands of articles discussing “just be you”, “you’re perfect exactly how you are”, “live your best life by doing blah blah blah”.There is so much of this ish it’ll make your eyes bleed.

My advice for finding happiness

Take it with a grain of salt, never come back to my site again, laugh in my proverbial face; 

Whatever you, as an individual who has to live in this world, need to do to be happy, do that.

In the words of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “You can do anything for 10 seconds.” So take it ten seconds at a time. Boop your dogs nose for ten seconds. Eat whatever junk food you want for ten seconds. Lay down in the grass and stare at the clouds for ten seconds. And if you’re not feeling happy in that ten seconds, do it for another, and another, and another, until you can start doing something else.

But whatever that something else is… make sure it makes you happy.

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